If you want to travel among legends and dream stories, where the Olympian gods bow before female mortal beauty, where love is so strong, that gives immortality and bright wreaths of stars, welcome to Naxos. The island of beautiful Ariadne, a place full of legends, with a long history, and artistic sculptural creations. A unique destination worthy of being noted down, the greatest of the Cyclades islands, rich in natural mountainous beauty and golden shores. Its awarded deep-blue beaches, its noteworthy monumental history, its local events with the outdoors dances and the traditional delicacies, will certainly intrigue you.

Naxian Althea lies in one of the most famous beaches of Naxos. Only 5kms away from the island’s port and 6 kms. away from Chora, St. Anne’s beach will, in earnest, render you speechless. Its lacy seaside, its picturesque harbor with the fishing boats, its ancient fragrant cedar forest, rank it high in visitors’ preference. The taverns and the beach bars along the coastline will cover all kinds of preferences while the  chance to take up sea sports will transform your holiday into an exciting and unforgettable game of entertainment. The small natural bays that form around St. Anne’s chapel, give an option for more peace and relaxation to those who crave a more unique touching enjoyment.