The rooms

The five domiciles of Naxian Althea, built according to the most recently appointed regulations, and thanks to the personal attention of the owner, have  unparalleled aesthetics. The forged cement, the handmade traditional wooden furniture, the ornate ribbed white ceiling reflect the old form and shape of Naxian architecture which, combined with modern elements, such as downlights, present a flawless result. Furthermore, their ergonomic design and their studied wiring, makes them fully functional, securing its visitors a unique experience of relaxation and rest in full comfort.

π  & ƍʹ 

The two-bed domicilesπ  & ƍʹ are an excellent choice for those who favor a more romantic atmosphere. The elegant finesse of the white walls and furniture, combined with the colorful splashes of pink, the lights that softly diffuse the surroundings, the king sized bed with the coir mattress, the mini bar with the refreshing beverages and the ability of full isolation due to the neat framing, makes them ideal for your honeymoon. Enjoy the idyllic view from the terrace ofπ  & ƍʹ, travel effortlessly in the endless blue sea lying right beneath your feet, and why not enjoy the evening magic of the beach in your bathing suits, holding a soft drink?  An excellent sensation that words cannot possibly describe.

Ϛʹ & ϡʹ 

The three-bed domiciles Ϛʹ&ϡʹ were designed to secure you a special and comfortable stay. The ability to add an extra bed or baby cot, makes them ideal for families, and not only that. Furthermore, the in-built structure next to the king sized bed, secures you an extra storage space for your suitcases and your personal belongings, as well as a unique spot for your relaxation. Enjoy this cozy nook with the fluffy pillows on a hot noon, while reading a book or surfing on the Internet. The night will fall soon and then you will be able to enjoy one more cocktail on their terrace.